More white and gold of gods own country


Another trip oop north saw me back at a place I'd been to before. Wheldrake Ings. A very nice place in the summer when the main interest was a tagged Female Marsh Harrier. This time I was hoping for a little more now that the waters had arrived and the winter ducks should be aplenty.
Well the mud was high I can say that. It looked like a tractor had gone through the track and flicked cakes of mud all over it. The most slippy surface you could not wish for. I had my walking boots on but had to be careful of my smart work trousers. My vanity doesn't interest you though does it...............

Quick hop over the bridge and fields reminiscent of Somerset met me. Nice and flat with lush grass. I spied something I had missed before.

Owl Box

Looking good then. But its early afternoon. Pretty slim chance of seeing one. No matter its still lovely here. Walking on I could see the ducks in the distance getting agitated. Something was afoot, or should that be awing!




Kestrel Hover Hunting


Not a bad haul so far then. The tall hide was looking good in the light and the views from the top were pretty good to.

The low Waters from the tall hide. The waterfowl were far too far away for pics and I didn't have my scope but nothing caught my eye.

Jay in flight

Jay in flight

Jays have very odd flight patterns. Well at least this one did. It was very awkward and I didn't realise they flew with their beaks open. Well at least this one did.
A very pleasant hour was spent just watching the day pass by. Nothing is better. I took lots of pointless pics to pass the time.

Coming back down outside all was quiet. Little traffic from far away, the buzz of a small plane having fun. Perfect. I amused myself with such trivia as this

A not so trivial Robin

Some trees in the sun

Then there was a bit of an OMG moment. This flew passed...............

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

I just stared. Well you don't expect it do you. It was about 20 feet away going along the fence line, as they do. Luckily I came to and managed to start snapping.

Can you see me?

Swooping down


It circled and dived a few times. Doing this quite quickly as if practicing rather than with any determination.

And there it sat

Settled on the post from where I had come. Now what are the chances its going to stay there if I walk back? I wanted to go on to the ponds. Probably something ridiculously rare and interesting or absolutely nothing unless you get excited by Mallards. Or should I take a risk. If it goes I would be disturbing its hunt. Wildlife don't really want to be followed around. They have very important things to do like staying alive. I decided to take the risk and walk back. It will be gone before I get there anyway. Luckily I was hidden by bushes for quit a while.

OMG there it is............... Oh!

Here you see how the Barn Owl has developed its unique marking to disguise itself as a fence post

It was quite happy to sit there. It didn't even see me until I started snapping. When it spun its head round I froze. It looked for a few seconds then went on looking elsewhere. After a while it ignored the snapping. The light was perfect. Bit of a difference to Steart at the weekend. It flew off of its own accord.

Happy days! I wandered back as the light was getting low. But not before a few more minutes watching the Gulls coming in to roost.

And a Jackdaw


Those Gulls in that light with the silence was amazing. Loved every minute. The last pic shows the variation in the wing patterns. As I flicked through the three or four shots it shows an alternating black and white of the wing beats.

Finally I was enchanted by the oh so gentle whispers of a pair of Tree Creepers. These are lovely little birds running around the trunks. Buggers to get a picture of though. That Paper Marbling effect on their wings always gets me.

Thank you Wheldrake Ing 

One last look back from the bridge and look what I could see just waking up.

Barn Owl in a box

White for the Owls and Gold for the Light of course.

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