Can we fix it?


So I moved house a few weeks ago.  The place is still something of a building site.  Mornings in particular are interesting affairs.  The earth shakes under the power of high powered drills.  Bulldozers crunch their way up the road and men of considerable girth carry various hefty tools of the building trade (I think they are called spades and shovels).  Being slightly effeminate I am not very familiar with anything practical.

Anyway you would think that with all this disturbance and destruction that any wildlife would be long gone.  But that is not the case.

I decided to take a walk along the small brook that runs through the estate.  I took my camera.  A 400mm lens is not really a subtle iphone affair.  At least 2 people gave me some funny looks with probably half a dozen more tucked away behind those blinds and net curtains.
Still I wasn’t bothered.  

Almost immediately this Grey Wag presented itself.

I stopped for a bit as House Martins are already eyeing up the eves! Incredible as these houses are about 3 weeks old!  One chap did come out of his house to see what I was up to.  Pointing your lens at bedroom windows is always a risky business J

Then there was a bit of a commotion as this fella flew in.  What a beaut!

I strolled along for a bit.  Goldfinches, Chaffinches and Wrens were all in attendance.  I have seen a Dipper here a few times.  Not today sadly.  But still incredible given the level of disturbance in the area.  Nature can indeed fix it.

On the way back this poppy caught my attention.

It was heartening to see nature giving it a good go at fixing things. 

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