Osprey and UFO


James was still recovering from the giddy heights of Menorca so it was up to me to do the rounds. I took a wing-man Adrian for company. As usual for this time of year it was all a bit quiet down Hamwall and Shapwick way but the sun and still air made up for it on an August bank holiday.

We were off and out and thats what matters. First stop VP2 and little to report save for a couple of very distant Female Marsh Harriers doing their stuff. It was heads down for the creepy stuff while the sun was high and the bugs were bouncing.

There was a murmur amongst the other birders and I heard the word Hobby. Indeed there were two for a while. Last of the season?

On to VP1 and then quickly on to Shapwick and the scrape

Look at them all!!!

Again quiet so heads down once more.................

Never seen one of these before!

Lots of these around

Love bugs

I am well chuffed with this one!

We went on to Noahs to see the mighty Osprey that was making it's biannual stop over on it's trip between Scotland and Africa. It had been there for a couple of weeks already and could be gone at any moment......................... It was gone! We went for a cuppa at Eco-friendlybites and while there I had a heads down in the rather lovely garden and pond patch behind the cafe. Lots of stuff there. They know how to leave nature be there.

Awww isn't this one cute!!

Really like this on to

Enough of that and back to look for the Osprey. It was back...... phew! I thought I'd missed it by an hour but it was sitting quietly on it's regular perch.

Only after processing the pics did I see this strange anomaly. There appears to be a strange shaft of light and an object flying right passed the Osprey. Could it be a UFO? Who knows, YOU decide. Answers on a postcard please.

UFO and Osprey

This was the Ospreys reaction! Don't blame it

Back to the Scape and the pair of Glossy Ibis where amongst the Egrets


One for Robin Morrison

The obligatory Marsh Harrier

and a Buzzard on a stick

It went quiet again so guess what.

Can you see it?


So quite a good day all round considering it's pretty much all over before the ducks arrive. 

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