Sibling Rivalry Part 2

So I was intregued with this area behind the main beach and the track especially.  I decided to go a little further...

A flock of Bee Eaters zoomed overhead.  Sadly they didnt stop for a close picture.  I was still please all the same.  I believe this one was a European Bee Eater.

As the sun rose higher I began to sweat like a rather manky flannel.  Luckily there was nobody about and this lizard didnt care.

Despite my sunglasses sliding off my nose and a slightly crispy baked feel to my skin I thought I would press on.  I wandered through a beautiful gorge dotted with orchards and other more exotic fruit farms.

Dont think this gate has been used much

Woodchat Shrike 

It was a truly amazing walk and would have been very relaxing had it not been 33C.  When I finally got back to the hotel the All Inclusive Estrella beer went down rather too quickly...

Next day was a trip to Mahon, the island capital city.  Im not really a fan of cities but this one is quite nice (mainly because its only small). We boarded the "Yellow Wildcat" and took a tour around the port.

Dream house...
What I might be able to afford.

The British had a presence here back in the day

I had kept an eye out for an Audouins Gull.  I saw one flying at some distance and was feeling a bit glum.  But at the last moment one flew in right in front of me and settled by the enormous ferries.

Very nice looking fellow, even when puking.

After a few ice creams and a wander about it was home time.  Next day I had plans to visit the National park :-)

After some convincing I managed to get the family to go to the reserve.  Its got a nice beach, with plenty of lady parts on display.  But more interesting was a man who turned up, took all his clothes off and stood on the beach for a bit before wandering into the sea.  He stayed there dor 10minutes and back out he came - totally starkers!  I get worried if someone sees me in my boxers!

After the slightly disturbing image I took a trip to the lagoon area.   It was VERY large but much of the water had dried up.  Nevertheless I was pleased to see these  despite the very harsh light.

Purple Swamphen

Some impressive fish - not sure what they were.  Some sort of Mullet perhaps?

I wasnt out for long as family duties called.  However the next day I was off on a half day birding tour :-)

I awoke early and headed out, waiting for my ride to arrive.  I was pretty excited to be honest.  Sure enough a Ford Galaxy rolled up - it had seen better days but it worked so who cares.

Are first location was to a farm area in the countryside.  Javier my guide was super keen and knows pretty much everything there is to know about birding ares on the island.

Soon we were at our location.  I was clogged with Cattle Egrets.

I will just do 2 shots otherwise it might get boring...

Javier was well aquinted with the local farmer and he let us amble about the place.  There was all sorts of little birds knocking about

Turtle doves

Zitting Cisticola (great name!)

Juvenile Shrike
Tawny Pipit

Friendly goat

Egrets again.
Yellow wagtail I think
Wall plus Hoopoe
Kentish Plovers

Egyptian vulture (so far away it was probably in Tunisian airspace)

Red Kite

Balearic warbler (everywhere but hard to get pics!)

Greenfinches and Goldfinches

I saw loads more stuff but didnt get any decent pics.  Javier kindly emailed me a giant list.  Overall I had seen over 60 species which I was quite pleased with!

Unfortunately my belly has swollen up some what and I have put on nearly a stone as a result of over indulgence...

Next year I might get chance to visit the other, more well known sibling.  Perhaps not on the All Inclusive package.

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