Reed All About It!

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Headline news was made on Wednesday.  A monumental moment in EFRS history…
Bearded Reedlings, in the flesh (feather!)

Sadly Andrew was not around, so it was a solo viewing.  Indeed had Andrew been around, the Beardies would have melted away into the reeds.

Andrew is a staunch Beardie atheist.  If you mention them you will immediately get a  tut or roll of the eyes followed by “They aren’t real”.

I totally understand the skepticism.  I have only ever seen two of these sneaky birds and that was ages ago.  

But it all changed yesterday!  I was so pleased to see (and hear) them that I pretty much forgot about camera settings and just machine gunned it.  Many shots were fired but most of them were a blurred mess.  I wont complain about the light (which was awful) as I feel privileged to see them.  Heck I would be pleased to see them if it was night time!

 Bearded Reedlings!  Nearly...

 Yes I know it would be nice to get one perching nicely on a reed, but a fence will have to do.

There were at least 10 of these little critters flitting about, pinging away.  I stayed for a good hour.  Enjoying the sights and sounds.

Hopefully Andrew believes it...


  1. Yay, you did it!!! :D

    1. ������

    2. What on earth? They were supposed to be smiley faces!