It's all kicking off again!


It most certainly is! Not a hundred yards into Hamwall from the Sharpham end and a Cuckoo is calling and clear as day in the row of dead trees to the right. I've seen one here a few times over the years. Most probably the same one. Well done for avoiding Malta. Nice start after laying low for too long. Could it get better?

Cuckoo calling

How about a nice Bittern passing by VP2

Next up a dozen Swifts flying high. Welcome back my fav birds of all time eva. Looking forward to snapping and watching you lot for a few weeks to come.

Still not impressed? Well let me raise the bar with a flock of Bitterns!

Three Bitterns all in a row

Lets even things up shall we with four Bitterns

And why have one Cuckoo when you can have two. Ok this is probably the same one just moving along but who's counting. Erm I am.

Possibly a mother Cuckoo

Now it's Raptor time with a stunning Male Marsh harrier

Rather disappointing show from the latest stars of the show the Glossy Ibis

I was discussing the Swifts with a couple of other birders and I happened to mention how much I would like to see a Hobby. Well that would be nice wouldn't it. Am I being greedy? Well if you don't ask you don't get........

Very distant Hobby over Tor View Hide

Not to forget the youngsters here's a few Greylag Goslings. Not much for them to worry about except perhaps Otters, Pike, Marsh harriers, Crows, Mink, Foxes and countless diseases! Good luck fellas

Greylags over at Shapwick. No Otter sorry. Well you can't have everything can you.


 That was enough for Hamwall and Shapwick. I though I would pop over to Westhey. Reason being that that is the place to go for Hobbies. I had a hunch. Before that I popped into Eco-bites for a cuppa. While there I looked up. Guess what I saw being harassed by a couple of House Martins. Yep a hobby.

He's behind you!

So to Westhey. I went straight to the raised hide as this is the place to get Hobbies. They go low and your high. Perfect. It wasn't long and yep he passed through.

Rather grumpy and lonely Greylag who seems to have been ostracised from the rest of the Gand. It sits right in front of the hide.

Here he is right on cue

And a Kingfisher. it just gets better!

Now a pair of marsh harriers swapping food in fright.

There he is again

Waking up

It didn't do much of this in flight. 

The best shot from today. Lots more to come I hope

When things died down I went over to the new hide. Path still looks like the Somme but I'm sure this will be sorted. Well there was very little indeed. It was all elsewhere. The only thing moving was a Coot and this Little Grebe

Thinking that was about it I made my way home. Stopping for a moment at the small bridge along Godney road I noticed a few House Martins and Swallows. I may as well give it a shot. 

Phew!! What a start. I've been otherwise disposed for a while and left James to hold the fort. Today was like nature had been saving it all up! The summer is looking like it's going to be a good one foe all. Ref blow your whistle.

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