Going (K)Nuts(ford)

Another little trip away and this time to the North West. A quick Google revealed Knutsford Moor. On paper (or rather on screen) it looked very promising however when I arrived it was more of a town park. Very nice but not particularly inspiring and carrying a backpack with a tripod was a bit conspicuous! Walking around the back I found a small track which led to Tatton Park Dog Wood. A SSSI apparently with Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers. I didn't see any. This brought me out onto the side of the Lake. Still nothing save for a few nesting Great Crested Grebes.

Working hard at building the nest

Still working hard!

Nice Crest

So on I plod resigned to just a nice walk in the park. Beautiful summers afternoon for it as well. I stopped at the foot of a small hill where a few Swifts where busy feeding. One House Martin was amongst them as well. I settled down and thought Id give the Canon a go at getting a few shots of my favourite bird. These things where very low indeed. Looking at me as they almost clipped my shoulders. I love their awedacity. They just know they can go right past you and avoid you before you have even though about lifting your arm and plucking one out the air. An Ultra bird. So 1317 shots and a full 32Gb card later I couldn't wait to get home and see if there where a few diamonds amongst the sand. See what you think......................

Love this one

Just about to swallow a fly!

Coming atcha

Coming atcha again!

They looked amazing against the vapour trails

It could be a very frustrating time trying to get these babies. You look one way then they wizz past you from another direction. My method was to just take my time, pic one at a distance then follow it hoping it will turn and head for me. It worked.

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