Eyes like a Hawk(e)

My Mum is visiting from Australia.  She is a rare but regular vagrant species to these shores.  I thought it best to take her out to some well known Somerset tourist destinations.  Today was Cheddar gorge.  After a stint in the cheese shop (not a Little Stint) we walked passed the old Mill Hotel (now sadly abandoned).  Then  I noticed a brown bird bobbing about on the shore.  He span round to flash his white breast.  A Dipper and sooo close.  I cursed the lack of camera and tried in vain to get him with my mobile.  Here are the results...

If only I had my proper camera!!!

He even decided to have a swim,,,

After a good minute or so of showing off the Dipper flew down stream.  Leaving me moaning and muttering.  Sensing that my mum was getting bored I moved us on.  About 50 meters on... Another one!!!!

This one was having a nice rest by the water not 20 feet away.  I tried a photo of this one but its even worse than the top two..

Thoroughly annoyed I drowned my sorrows with a cuppa and a Full English....

The morning over with I headed solo over to Greylake.  Fully kitted up this time.

At the carpark I had a quick chat with Mike and his wife before setting out to the raised hide.

Then I got out my new toy!

I immediately got to work finding a Peregrine on a pylon.

Top left...

Then a pair of Marsh Harriers put in an appearance.  

They are the specks in the middle...

Finally a Kingfisher perched up...

He is the blue dot on the left

The theme for the day was "miles away".  At least the scope came in handy.

Luckily I had eyes like a Hawke...

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