Easter Bunnies

Its nearly Easter.  So I decided  to get a picture of a cute bunny to celebrate.  Luckily the Mendip foothills are covered with them!  After a few minutes I stumbled upon this furry ball of sweetness.


Spring is definitely in the air with Chiff Chaffs singing away and wodpeckers drumming like mad.
 I heard a right commotion behind a small hillock.  I actually thought it was a person (or people!!!) getting up to something they shouldn't (well it is springtime). I nearly jumped out of my skin when two male pheasants exploded into the air.  If I had been more stealthy I could have got a really good shot of them scrapping but alas it wasn't to be.
I went over to a spot where I have seen Peregrines in the past.  Almost immediately I heard the familiar Peregrine scream.  Scanning about with my camera I eventually managed to lock on.  Its very distant but you get the gist of it.
I also caught a glimpse of a Male Bullfinch and two Jays.
Finally a Sparrowhawk flew low over the trees.  Not bad for a quick evening outing.  Happy Easter!

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