Rhea of the year

I finished work on time today and decided to head down to Ham Wall to try out the new hide.

On my way I was somewhat surprised to see this just outside of Glastonbury

My first Rhea of the year!

I wanted to get some more pics but the traffic was building behind me.  So on I went.  At Ham Wall I had the unenviable task of changing from work clothes into outdoors garb.  I didn't want to get done for in decent exposure, but it is very hard to change in the back of a Peugeot 107 so I apologise to any passers by who may have seen more than what is necessary.

Conditions were pretty good.  Nice and still with a hint on sun.  Immediately I noticed large flocks of Sand Martins, heralds of spring!  I did attempt to get a few shots but their speed and skill far exceeded mine...

At the hide I settled in.  After a few minutes a male Sparrowhawk flew down onto the grassy pathway to the left of the hide.  Unfortunately he didn't stay long enough for me to get a shot.  Moments later a \Bittern took off and flew low over the reeds.

Plenty of GC Grebes fishing and also one on the nest.

This fella was a pro fisherman

After that it went rather quiet...

Packing up my stuff I headed back.  As I walked along the main track I noticed a Roe Deer lying down on a grassy pathway.  Silently I crept closer and got a decent shot.

As I write this I realise I should have filmed it... damn!

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