A magical moment

Reports of the Pallid Harrier and Short Eared Owls meant that I had to take a trip down to Steart.

It took me bloody ages to get their, mainly due to the throng of tourists visiting Wookey hole caves.  Well it is the season of wizards and warlocks I suppose...

At the reserve I rejoiced as the sun started to peek out from behind the grey shroud.

Walking along the bank of the Parrett I scanned for Avocets but didnt see any.  Plenty of Godwits though along with Shelduck and Lapwing.

I didnt really know where to go so just kept on going straight.

The Harrier didnt seem to be anywhere about.  I had a feeling that I may have made a wrong turn...

Is it over there chaps?

I noticed some comotion over the river as a crow was attacking a Kestrel.  Who decided to fly pretty close.

After a while I had reached the end of the trail. I stayed, looking over the reeds for about 30 minutes without success.  I decided to not get obsessed with finding the Harrier and scan about the place.  As soon as I had adopted this more relaxed attitude, this happened...

I was actually texting Andrew at the time.  I couldnt believe my eyes.  She swept in low and landed in front of me.  I dropped all my gear save for my camera and crept as close as I could.  I believe its a female Merlin.  Absolutely brilliant!!!

The sun was slowly falling and as i went back along the bank a Peregrine flew low from the near bank and scared everything in the river.  It was flying quite slowly and dropped into some long grass on the other side.  A great sight.

I took a cursory glance across the marsh and didn't see a Harier or an owl.  But to be honest Merlin had cast an amazing spell already...

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