Diolch yn fawr iawn Barcud


I had the good fortune of having to drive almost the full length of the A483 today. A road I know well from living in North Wales. Mid Wales in particular is very beautiful in deed. Those low rolling hills with distant snow streaked peaks in the distance just giving an ominous hint of other more dangerous and beautiful parts. Not that far from Llanelli I noticed the signs for the Kite feeding centre. I veered off course and headed for it. Ive done this before many years ago and exactly the same thing happened this time. I got lost. The signs just disappear. But who needs a well meaning and deserving contrive when you can just cruise along the main A483, stop in any layby you want and watch these outstanding creatures sailing around. I saw literally dozens upon dozens of them on the hundred mile stretch between Llandeilo and Newtown. If you want an excellent view of one just go and shop in Tescos in Llandrindod Wells. There was one circling above the car park. Most of them were around conurbations. They are opportunists and like Buzzards a bit of a glorified Crow!

But on with the show. In my defence the weather was as overcast, dark and contrastless (sic) as you could want. Thats why they look so flat unfortunately. They are random birds taken as I drove along.

Red Kite (So are the rest so I wont bother titling them)

Oh and other than quit a few Magpies, Ravens and Crows, three Buzzards and the occasional Black Bird this Robin was the only other bird I saw all day. The Kites out numbered everything else save the Crows.

This one had what looked like long grass stuck in its talons

Fab day and a wise choice to take my camera I think you'll agree. Hope I have to do the same trip in the summer.

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