Enter the Dragon(Fly)

Saturday morning.  The sun was blazing in a cold blue winter sky.  It was chilly enough for me to breath out heavily and pretend to be Smaug from Lord of The Rings.  It was perfect EFRS weather.

Except I had to go into work to sort some stuff out.  Don’t worry this blog post isn’t about work…
At work my phone was bleeping and flashing.  Robin Morrison had seen a flock of Peregrines and Andrew text to see if I was free.  It was all rather annoying.  I endeavored to get everything done more swiftly…

Afternoon rolled round and I was done.  Fortunately I had brought my outdoorsy clothes and my camera… just in case J

I took a swift drive to Tealham.  Not much of interest really.  Just a single Goosander, swimming rather vigorously away from me.

I did see some Buzzards sat on posts, but you know what happens every time you take photos of those…

Next stop was London Drove.  It was here I had to change my costume.  Now this is a tricky business.  I didn’t want to get arrested so I did it as quickly as possible.  Arms flailing and limbs akimbo I managed to strip down and back up again.  I haven’t seen any headlines in the Western Daily so I will assume nobody saw “Naked man in quiet lane shocker”.

I wandered along the drove, considering all sorts of things until I came across this little chap.

At the hide at the end .  I settled in a bit. Here are a few things I saw.


Now, rather annoyingly a couple with a black dog came steaming in.  The dog was running loose around the hide, in the hide and out of it.  Scaring pretty much everything away.  Despite my best attempts to continue it was hopeless.  I had more chance of seeing something in my backgarden (which is pretty much still a building site).

I walked back along the drove and found my little friend, the Goldcrest again

Then, rather annoyingly a lady came strolling up the path seemingly oblivious of me pointing a 500mm lens at a hedge.  She walked passed me, scared the Goldcrest off and then asked what it was and had I taken any good shots… not I f****** haven’t!!!!!!!

I climbed back into the car and calmed myself down with a leisurely drive back home. 

Its not Africa

Disclaimer: The following events are based entirely on fact.  No actors or body doubles were used in the next few scenes.

As I drove into Godney I started to read a poster about some oo’arrr’ farmer gathering or something.  Then I saw a pale bird floating across a field.  It then promptly flopped into the grass.  I waited…
The sun had pretty much fell out of the sky. I waited a bit longer…

Then he flew up again!  Here are some shots of the Albino Dragon ( a first for the Levels I believe)

 Taken through a car window at dusk.  Thats my excuse.


Within a few momets the dragon had flown back to it mountain home…
I was pleased thought.  It is the best thing I have seen so far this year…

I drove on and saw a Buzzard.

 Buzzard and Tor

I thought Robin and Andrew might like this. 

I put my camera on the passenger seat, looked up and there in front of the car was a sleek looking creature lolloping across the road…

I grabbed the camera, but I was too late.  He had entered the hedge across the road and was no doubt half to Westhay.  An owl and an Otter within 1 minute of each other… and no I hadn't stopped for a few at The Sheppey.

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