Delighted not excited


Bit of a funny outing today as I was on the old bike and James was wandering with the family in exactly the same places but we never met! We kept each other updated all the same. It was a bit of a funny day with bright light but constant cloud. Only a few break throughs of blue and gold. Still it was a lot better than predicted.

I spent some time at Aqueduct Crossing trying to get the pair of Kingfishers that were obviously feeding young in a nest just by the bridge with no luck whatsoever. I did get a Hobby that was off for lunch at Hamwall though


It was definitely a day of the big birds. The Heron family was out in force with both Grey and Great Whites showing well. Time of year I suppose. The two usual suspects were in short supply however with only one brief showing of a distant Bittern at Tor Hide and a distant Marsh Harrier from VP2 as usual

With that in mind I stuck my head down with the new 100mm f2.8 macro. Very nice it is to but the new Youngnou Flash is no where as bright as the old Gyno. I've had to step it all down to 1/250, f18 & ISO200 where I was at 1/320, f22 &ISO100 with the Gyno. I'll sort it out eventually.

With head back to horizontal there was a very nice display of syncronised fishing from a Grey Heron and Great White Egret. Not a pair you usually see tolerating each other so close. Anyway they did exactly the same actions and even darted for prey at the same time. The Heron appeared to get a small stick rather than anything edible and the Egret got erm nothing.

For a change a close-ish Marsh Harrier

From VP2 it was Tor Hide hoping for a Bittern in your face moment as witnessed by Robin Morrison the other day. What are the chances ah!

Cute Coot family

My version of Robin Morrison's pic of that Reed Warbler

Meanwhile Coot Junior was having a feed

A Moorhen in fine fettle

This Heron couldn't have been more obliging

Someone else got to his spot first. He got a bit of a shock

Another junior was in for a good feed

That Reed Warbler again

Parent with the shopping

Gull causing a commotion but passed through

Junior gets a good mouthful

With the air so warm the bugs were high which meant the Hobbys and Swifts were up there with them

Head back down for a bit

I think this is being eaten

Hmm not sure I want to know what these are!

Now that's a good foundation for a nest

The day was getting long as I ended back at VP2. As usual I kept thinking it's been a poor day but really they never are. There is always something and when you get cracking shots of such things as Grey Herons it brings you back to earth as you realise how magnificent they all are. Never loose sight of the common.

Speaking of common there was a final flurry of bog standard stuff with a dual fly-by of a pair of Bitterns and a rather close Marsh Harrier to round of the day.

What a pity there aren't more of the common about like Cuckoos for example. Used to be everywhere but now it's a rare thing. I could hear the two at Hamwall and Shapwick but never saw them. We should be delighted they are back not excited they are back at all!

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