The Dark Side

"Your feeble skills are not match for the Power of the Darkside" uttered by Emperor Palpatine to a hapless Luke Skywalker.  Much like the final scene in Return of the Jedi, my camera is also no match for the power of the darkside.  Its good in the Sun but give it some shade and I'm in trouble.  To be more accurate I suspect the lens also plays its part.  Either way I need to stay on the Light side of the Force.

Luckily it was sunny out.  Before I headed out I had to remove a tick from my knee.  Yuck. I did take a picture of it but its so much faff trying to get it from the phone to here I wont bother.

You know what they look like anyway, its a weird spider creature which loves eating you.

I took a stroll through the scenenic route at Ham Wall as the bridge is knackered at the moment.  A Hobby was buzzing about but it was very high up, along with a multitude of Swifts and Martins.

My wanderings brought me along to the Avalon hide, but there was plenty of action beforehand.

A heron was standing nice and still, as I raised my camera for a vertical shot (to fit its reflection in) it suddenly took off and flew straight at me.  Had my camera been in the bog standard horizontal position I would have got some crackers.  Sadly it wasnt to be...

To be honest I have know idea what he was up to...

He wasnt alone however.  The white version of him was also in attendance.

Nice to see one a bit closer, and also it seemed a little less bothered by people.
Soon Lee will be selling little bags of herrings at the entrance so you can feed them.
After the commotion with the heron I moved on.  Here I found a pile of photographers gathered about the place, all trying to get piccies of Woodpeckers.  I joined the crowd, waiting patiently for the noisy little bird to stick its head out.

 Sadly the baby had joined the darkside.  
If only he popped his head out on the lightside of the tree!
After taking about 1000 shots I got bored and went to the Avalon hide.  Marsh harriers were flying about everywhere, always that bit to far away...
 Faraway Marsh harrier

After seeing the Lammergeier I decided to exit the hide and head over to the Tor hide.  Even more people were surrounding the woodpecker tree.  Tripods, huge lenses and mobile phones were all clacking, beeping and ringing.
At Waltons there was a family of Canada geese.  Watch out these pictures are very cute.

This little bundle was panicking as he couldnt 
hop over onto the path with his mates!
Looking out from the various screens, there was a fair bit going on.  I honestly cant remember where I got all the pictures.  So Ill bung them all together.
 GWE, lots of them about
 Coots scrapping
 1 of 3 Bitterns, sadly not very close.
 Little Grebe in between dives
 Heron looking sleek

 The shoal of Rudd/Roach were to much for this Great Crested Grebe to resit, 
even with me there!

Chaser?! Doing some chasing.

All in all it was a good day and very relaxing to be out amongst nature.  On the way home I quickly stopped at the bridge near to the house.

Darkside dipper swimming about in the stream.

Hopefully next time I will see a Lightside Dipper instead.

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