Gone fishing...

Bright, sunny and a saturday.  A good reason to get out and about!

I bundled myself into the car and down to Catcott.  I was keen to try out my new tripod and what a beauty it is.  Soon I was panning and tilting with the best of 'em.  Despite the breeze it held fast and didn't wobble about.  I could even track flying birds (yes my old tripod  was that bad).  I was so pleased that I started looking a pigeons for a while, just because I could!

Anyway, I need something a bit more exciting to look at...

Lots of standard stuff about frolicking in the sunshine.

The herons were looking great in their breeding attire.

I watched a Roe deer feeding for a while and then noticed something else.  In the reeds a brownish looking wader skulking around.  I couldn't work out what it was - very heron like.  I thought it was a Bittern.  But its head was quite pale and contrasted with its body. It looked a bit bigger as well, and not as stocky.  It had a black stripe running behind its eye (i think - it was a long way off). A grey cap was also evident. Anyway it disappeared and re appeared a few times. I was puzzled.

On to Tealham and plenty of herons.

Back home I checked the herons pages.  The mysterious bird looked like a Purple heron to me...

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