Short, Long or Little...

After seeing the Short Eared Owls a while back and after Andrew encountering a Barn owl up in Norfolk.  My thoughts have turned to these enigmatic characters.  On Friday night I thought it would be a good idea to try and see a Long eared owl.  So off I went to the mendips, it was cold and rather muddy.  I managed 1 Coot and 2 Mallards.  Not successful.

Saturday night I took a stroll around my home village of Wookey Hole. Tawny owls are in abundance here... normally.  I didn't see a single one (although at least I heard a few).

Finally, Sunday gave me the opportunity to perhaps see a Short Eared, down at Westhay... You guessed it, bugger all.

I did redeem myself slightly with a nice view of a female Marsh harrier at Catcott and a good view of a male harrier at Westhay (well, good for someone trying to drive whilst fumbling with bags and cameras, trying not to end up in the ditch as the harrier flew close to the car).

The main highlight came from an unexpected source.  A very focused Little Egret took no notice of me whilst fishing for worms and other slimy denizens

Perhaps I will get some luck looking for Little Owls.  Here's hoping.

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