Run VT

A glorious sunny day and mass indecision on at the EFRS.

We started driving then minds were changed and we ended up cycling over classic turf... Ham Wall, Shapwick, Catcott.

Its March which means that birds are "in transit".  Most of the winter ones are going back to their summer homes and most of the summer ones haven't arrived yet.

Ham Wall offered a brief view of a flying Bittern and that was about it.  Also, Andrew pointed out my wobbly tripod leg (ebay - never trust).

A couple of soaring Buzzards at vp 2.  It was all a bit quiet.

The wind was giving us a hard time and I was knackered so we stopped for a drink.

This little fella was quite obliging

Over at Catcott we finally caught up with a Garganey (cropped pic).

He didn't swim really close but was within range... just.

Also met up with a keen videographer with plenty of interesting insights into what he had seen.  Also had a go with a super duper video camera. He got the EFRS thinking about video rather than photos.  Watch this space...

Andrew is now a pro...

Just as we were about to leave a female Sparrowhawk flew by nice and close which provided us with a decent raptor sighting.

Later we cycled passed Westhay and another Sparrowhawk put in a brief appearance flying across the road.

Finally we decamped and discussed the day at The Sheppey.  Some video recordings of Buzzards and Garganeys kept us amused.  We nearly missed a Kingfisher zipping up the river.  A great end to the day.

And here is the first video from the EFRS.................

James: Here is a Garganey...

and a not too exciting Buzzard!..............

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