Not always what it seems


Looks can be deceptive cant they. And you can't always believe what you see. You have to take a second look especially with nature. Most of the time they are trying to look inconspicuous or like something else. Insects are a good example of that. I thought I'd spotted a Goshawk up in the sky but confirmation from James told me it was a Sparrow Hawk. Sparrow Hawk it is then. Wishful thinking is a dangerous thing and can often lead some people to see what they want to see. Even if it leads to deception!

Goshawk Sparrow Hawk

This was the first day out on the bike for me for what seems like ages. Illness struck and I was bed ridden for a week. Lovely day for it though and the Raptors were out in force even though they were too far away for pics sorry. VP1 and 2 were lovely to see and the Tor hide was starting to show green shoots.

Little Egret amongst the green shoots

There were three Great White Egrets together in the reeds. Here's one coming in.

From the Tor Hide

Those green shoots from the Tor Hide

The highlight at the moment has to be the Scrape over on Shapwick. Black Tailed Godwits and Garganey being the stars.

Black Tailed Godwits


Lonesome Lapwing

Two of the four Garganey



A lovely cycle up and down the length of Hamwall and Shapwick was beautiful in the hot sun even with the chilly wind.

Roe Deer malting

Another Buzzard

A final stop at VP2 Hamwall was a quiet affair even with these two beasts coming straight at me!


I was stopped in my tracks as I cycled back home. Just before the end of Hamwall a pair of Marsh Harriers were quartering very close to the track. I've never seen them in this spot before. Perhaps just having a look whats around.

Male Marsh Harrier


Female Marsh Harrier eyeing me up!

Female Marsh Harrier

Fantastic day all round. I'm looking forward to using my macro lens a bit more once the insects come out. Especially the Dragonflies. Someone mention Dragonflies? Wheres a Hobby when you need one ;¬)

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