We can paint a rainbow


Wow! Just wow! what a day. I never thought it would turn out the way it did but it did and more. But first I'd just like to apologies for the rather tame postings recently. Over the last couple of weeks things have been kicking off around the Somerset area with lots of Mega's and A listers turning up. While everyone else has been spotting them we've been posting about Pigeons, Swans and Mallards. Not exactly exiting stuff. But all has been rectified today so read on dear listener!

The day started in a pedestrian manner. James got wind of the annual snake hunt up on the Mendips. So off we went, paid our couple of pounds and tagged along. Unfortunately James could only spare a couple of hours so we didn't get to see much. I must confess to getting a little distracted by other things and began wandering about a bit

Hover fly

Erm some yellow flowers

Catkins showing well

Some Purple Flowers

A frog in a stream

The aforementioned stream

Thankfully we did pop our nose over the crowd when the guide found an Adder


As I say James had to shoot of early so I made my way over the Westhey. This was really in the vain attempt to spot the first Hobbys of the year. I parked at the top of London Drove and walked through my new favourite area to the raised hide.

On the way I spotted this in the reeds sitting on its nest

Still in a bit of a macro mood I thought I'd try my hand at snapping some butterflies in flight. I think the results are interesting and a bit creepy!!

Then it all went a bit, or rather, very quiet. There was very very little happening. In particular there were no Hobbys. Oh well it was a nice day. Chill and enjoy. The highlight was a Little Egret who made a rather flamboyant approach and landed

A couple of Swallows flew by

Feeling a bit bored I took a peek at the SOS board only to read Lee Dutton had seen two Red Kites over at Ham Wall. I was really at the wrong place wasn't I. I put my phone away and looked up. Well bugger me sideways if it wasn't a Red Kite serenely wafting my way!!

I got these then started running around in the trees trying to find it. I did see it once again before it headed off in the general direction of Glastonbury.

Cool. One of the Megas recently spotted and ticked off the list.

And so it was back to the macro styleee

A Butterfly on a Dandelion

Next stop I thought I'd take a bit of a long shot and see whats what over at Catcott. Not a lot. The waters where still there but getting low. Just a couple of Pintails still hanging around

One of a pair of Greylags

This chap was showing well for a while but in very bad light for pics.

Last on the list of visits was Greylake. The route took me back past Shapwick and up to the A39 where I would come out just East of Loxley Wood. As I drove up Shapwick Hill I could not believe my eyes. I just stopped in the middle of the road, grabbed my camera off the passenger seat and snapped. Those pics weren't very good since they were through the windscreen so I stopped, hopped out and snapped. This is what I got........

Red Kite

Red Kite over the Tor

One day this may be a regular sight. Don't see why not.

By the time I pulled up at Greylake next to Mikes van I was still buzzing. I bounced round to have a chat and tell all. He was chuffed.

So after a good chat and once Mike had finished his coffee we wandered down to the hide. Leaving Carolyn to watch a Peregrine!

This ones for Mike, a Wren

Plenty of action at the Hides. Red Shanks were everywhere. A pair of Shovelers deciding to make themselves permanently at home and three Garganey. To start with anyway.

Red Shank

Red Shank

Female Garganey

This Swan has made it's nest right outside the hide. Should be entertaining in the weeks to come

One of the two Male Garganey

The Garganey were another of the list of must sees. Then Mike started to do a bit of spotting for me. We made a good team. he found them, I snapped them. Perfect. Here's a little fella that I had only seen at great distance a couple of years ago at Ham Wall.

Yellow Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail

The reeds were getting all candyflossy!

Lapwing looking pensive! His mates were giving anything that flew a hard time including any Gulls, Crows and even the resident Raven.

The other Male Garganey

The Yellow Wagtail flying about

Yellow Wagtail

A pair of Goldfinches were collecting nesting material

We had a good discussion about Pied and White Wagtails. We passed a few minutes deciding what these two were. Their Pied.

Female Pied Wagtail

Male Pied Wagtail

Mike spotted this Snipe hiding in the grass

Far off in the distance was the final big name to tick off the list. 'They come over here taking all our reserves all flash and chewing gum'. Yes its our colonial cousin the Green Winged Teal. Again I did see the one that landed a couple of years ago over at Hamwall but this one eventually showed very well and I got a proper pic at last.

Green Winged Teal

Red Shank

Red Shank

And just for the hell of it three Yellow Wagtails made an appearance. One even getting in on the act with a Marsh Harrier. These aren't the best of pics but what the hell. You don't get to see these in the same frame very often do you.

Marsh Harrier and Yellow Wagtail

Three Yellow Wagtails in a row

The light isn't the best for bird photography in the afternoon at Greylake but it still makes for interesting shots.

A Wigeon

Some more of natures Candyfloss 

I'm still on a high. Other than the Ruff and the White Wagtails I think Ive ticked just about everything off the list today. Just wow!

And as for the rainbow? RED kites, orange, YELLOW wagtails, GREEN winged Teal BLUE skies and some PURPLE flowers. Oh ok its not all of them but you can't have everything can you. There's always tomorrow!! And I do need to brush up on my flowers and insects.

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