Endless Egrets

A quick, off the cuff trip to Tealham Moor through Westhay.  Loads of Greylag Geese, loads of swans (just the boring ones unfortunately) and LOADS of Egrets.  Well over 50 outside Westhay.  One had some coloured rings on it. If it has flown over on holiday I think it ought to fly back again.  Africa is quite warm this time of year...

On Tealham it was super windy.   Lots of Lapwings and Starlings made for an impressive sight.

A couple of Buzzards and herons.  I was really hoping for a Short Eared owl but there was no chance of that.

So I thought I would try some panoramic shots.  This one is alright.


  1. Anonymous7/3/14

    Hi James, don't know if you've clocked em but there are 2 golden plover to be found in your lovely shot of the lapwings and starlings, cheers, Alex (Carlisle)

  2. Ha! No I didn't see them. Its like Wheres Wally. Thanks for the helpful observation!