Gardeners world

I woke up last night, casually swinging myself out of bed I then collapsed in a heap.  My left foot was unable to take any sort of weight.  This is still the situation as i write this.  just bizzarre. Anyway it has confined me to the house which is very annoying because its a weekend and its sunny.

Not to be out done I decided to sit in the garden and try to get some pictures of anything.

One thing of note was a Cabbage White butterfly flapping around.  Its nearly December!!!!

Anyway here are some pictures from my seat in the garden.

Sadly not that common round here...

Lots of these though.  But tricky to get pictures of!


I have set some bread out on the wall.  In the hope I can get a flight shot of an incoming Jackdaw, Crow, Magpie.  It hasn't happened yet...

Anyway, off to the walk in center at Shepton (if i can push the bloody clutch down on the car).

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