'A' Listers and their families

So Driving back from Hull I dropped into Slimbridge WWT since we had heard of Cranes and Avocets nesting. I wasnt disapointed! After paying my dues and walking through the main attractions and trying not to get too annoyed with the cages, pens, huts, clipped wings and netting I got to the real thing. So without further adue here is the crane.

Common Crane

Common Crane

Common Crane

I was very fortunate since it wandered from across the river bank all the way to the small pond in front of the Martin Smith Hide. There was a bit of excitement when a couple came in and the woman, after seeing the Crane, became very excited over what she thought was a Turtle Dove. Much waffling about has anyone got a book, look in the book, Oh my god etc etc. It was a Stock Dove!

So After all that I wandered down to the Holden Tower. What a beautiful structure it is to! This is where the Avocets where. Looking at them feeding I wondered where the young where. Well I noticed one Avocet crouching on the far bank of the small pond. Sure enough as it stood up four little chicks came running out. As they wandered feeding happily they where bothered by not only the noisy neighbours the Lapwings who also had four young ones to protect, and protect they did except when they just few off and left them! but also a rather grumpy and naggy Shelduck from down the road. Its like watching Corrie!! Heres the latest episode.................

Chicks under Parent Avocet

Avocet Pair Feeding

That was a good day

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