Dont think... feel

Bruce was right all along

Technology.  Its marvelous.  We can take an endless stream of photos, share them and write about them all with a few clicks and key strokes.  But do we get a bit obsessed with it all? Photographers often seem caught up with ISO's, exposure times, white balance... The list goes on. Getting that perfect shot is of course a challenge, which is what keeps us coming back for more.  But is it at the expense of enjoyment?

We can capture the perfect moment but have we FELT it?

These thoughts passed through my mind as I cycled along with Andrew on a classic EFRS route starting with Ham Wall. VP2 was looking a little overgrown but the Bitterns didn't seem to mind.  5 in all making short flights here and there. A Sparrowhawk  flew in behind us (they always do)

Sparrow Hawk
Then we noticed a heron with a very large, slimy catch.  I think it was a Tench, but whatever the poor critter was he was not having a nice time of it.  The heron couldn't really manage it and was stabbing it, flicking it and rolling it about. Like a weightlifter the heron had to pause and prepare itself before lifting it up ready to swallow.  Blow me down it managed it as well...

We made our way over to the Tor hide (not hoping to see a Night Heron... honest).

Andrew got this Bittern...

Bittern from Tor Hide
I got this fellow.  A Reed warbler.. probably
Andrew then suggested we take a trip around Waltons, a bit different.  In the end we settled in at a nice corner spot with a bench and the Tor providing a scenic backdrop.  Andrew immediately went rummaging around with his gynecology lens (ahem) whilst I sat on the bench and just put down my equipment for a bit and used the best camera of all... my eyes and brain :-)

A proper Somerset frog.

That is one ugly Mother...

I did get some quick shots of this Little Egret looking very dainty

Next stop was Catcott tower hide.  A great spot surrounded by some creepy woods.  I'm not a spiritual type but those woods ain't right...

Shoveler at Catcott

Catcott Reserve

The weather went a bit dark and grubby by the time we arrived at Westhay.  Luckily Andrew brought along his Fish eye for some interesting pictures. We also played the 360 degree challenge.  turning slowly around to see if it was possible to not see a bird...

Sadly we managed it... many times



A classic EFRS route has to finish at the pub.  The Sheppey was nearby so we dropped in. Sitting by the river the day finished as it had begun with discussions on lenses, focal lengths and ISO's.  But with a few pints inside us we were able to think and feel...

She doesn't care about ISO and never will...
She also doesn't do Kung Fu.


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