Who's Bad?

A few days back I took a trip to Bristol Harbourside. 

It was a family trip, but I had heard through the grapevine (that's a Marvin Gaye track, not a Michael Jackson one) that a certain (feathered) bird was showing well. 

So I did go with slightly selfish intentions...

BUT before I indulge you further there has been something weighing on my mind.

What birds are truly Bad?  You know, birds that pack a punch, aren't scared of a bit of rough and tumble...

Here is my top 5 with reasons:

#5 Robin


Gets angry at other birds ALL THE TIME
Beats the hell OUT OF ITS OWN KIND
Isn't scared of humans (I'm scared of humans)
Has an angry orange chest

Appears on Christmas cards
Eats worms
Has a slightly girly song

#4 Grey Heron
Larger than a toddler
Long, sharp bill
Eats voles and mice (its just not right)
Grumpy looking sod

Often scared of humans
Can get beaten up by gulls

#3 Herring Gull
Steals food from people
Theres f*** loads of them

Forages around in bins

#2 Mute Swan
Bloody massive
Bad attitude ALWAYS

Sticks its bum in the air a lot, which looks comical
Eats weeds

#1 Peregrine Falcon

Looks like Batman
Is faster than my Peugeot 107
Hates everything - I've seen one attack a swan, A SWAN!!!
Can scare 1000000 ducks into the air

Sits about a lot

Oh, here are some pictures of the 3 Peregrines at Bristol Harbourside (many taken from a boat).  That's my excuse as to why they are a bit rubbish...

 Male Peregrine

 Female Peregrine (she is truly the most bad ass of all)
 Female human depiction (also very scary)

So, what do you think? Is my list wrong? Give us your thoughts...


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