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Two new additions to my gadget list. First off there is the Topeak Top Trunk that sits on top of my pannier rack. Just right for my super duper new Canon 70D and 400EF L Zoom Lens. Velcro straps are a little fiddly but thats just because the side panniers have to go on first. Inside I've added a bit of foam for extra protection when I'm bumping along. Other than that its brill. I can even reach round with both hands while straddling the bike, unzip and get the camera out without taking my eyes off what ever I've just spotted. Cool.

Topeak Top Trunk

Camera snug as a bug

Second is my Tripod bracket. I'm really surprised you can't buy these. I hate having to put things down. You just don't know where your going to end up. My motto is nothing touches the ground except your feet. The hammock (see further down) is just too small for the Canon DSLR so I thought about a clip on the side. From a bit of 1.2mm Steel I fashioned a clip which mimics the Velbon and a recessed hole for fixing. An engineering shop helps for this! The clamp for the leg is a Pipe Saddle used for connecting a screw terminal to a pipe section. Google it! The bolt is the fixing used for such a connection. I deliberately made it swivel so as to make taking it out of the holster easy at any angle. I tested it last weekend with excellent results. Its very easy and quick to just pull out and snap away. You always know exactly where it is and its solid as a rock. Putting it back in is a little fiddly since you have to hold the bracket still and slot it in. A bit of adjustment to the mouth to locate the shoe shouldn't be too difficult. I might start making them ;¬) As you may know the 400EF zoom is not a light lens and with the camera its a bit of a brick but this worked fine. Totally stable with no worries.

Everything nicely in place

Bracket with Camera and Lens

The bracket itself

Close up of shoe in bracket

And of course you can swap things around.


Well I've always loved creating and tinkering with stuff. If I can't find it or its not at a price I feel is justified I usually make it. Over the last year or so I've set up my bike with how I like it. This is a page just to show off what I've done and give anyone else a bit of inspiration. Comments greatly appreciated!

My Bike fully kitted out.


First off there is the Quick Release Binocular Holster. Readily available off EBay etc. at about £10. Its designed for bikes and for putting stuff in and I happen to put my Bins in it. Fantastic for when you're cycling along and you skid to a halt to ID an interesting bird on a stick! With the Velcro release and handy placement its so easy to whip it out and check out the jizz.


Secondly there is my masterpiece. I'm quit proud of this baby. Made from some interesting things to. The bag on the right is just the Velbon carry case for the tripod which came with it but it is reinforced with a long plastic storage bin. A pic of which is further down. The bag on the left which holds the scope in the bottom and camera which sits on the top is actually a Gig bag for a Trumpet. Its absolutely perfect and everything fits like a dream. These two bags are bolted together and they are then bolted to the back plate which again is made from the base of a storage bin.

Camera and Scope on the Left, Tripod on the Right.

Top of scope, camera is out to take the pic.

Tripod side with orange padding showing for protection.

Rear of pannier showing the storage bin base and standard pannier clips. I added the large strap just to make sure. Its made from a suit case strap.
Stock pics of the Storage Bins I used. Left one for the Tripod and Right one for the Pannier rear


Next is my Tripod Hammock. You can buy these in the US however they are a ridiculous price. So I made my own. Its the back section of a XXXL rain coat from work and the toggles and strings. It holds my bins and camera perfectly. You get the idea how its made. Stitch a channel along the three sides and thread the string through with the toggles to hold them in place.

The Gear set up



  1. If you used a ball and socket or universal joint on that tripob bracket you could leave the camera there!!

  2. You mean I could shoot from the hip with the camera halfway down the tripod leg? Cool idea I'll work on it ;¬)

  3. Anonymous26/12/14

    That's known as 'getting the low down' on a subject!!