About us

It's not about the birds it's about the day

A site by two guys, James and Andrew with an odd sense of humour, and their adventures while bird watching around the Somerset Levels. We call ourselves the Elite Fast Response Squadron or EFRS for short. Why the EFRS? Well we have the ability to travel with speed and agility to most of the Nature Reserves within our scope with the aid of bicycles. While cars may be faster on the road the bicycles can go places that cars cannot and faster than on foot. We decided to create this site once we both had cameras and now that Andrew has one we can not only write about it but also show you the evidence. James has been an amateur photographer for a few years while Andrew has only had a camera since December 2013. James is also the more experienced in bird watching. In particular raptors.

There is also the added bonus of Riley's Ramblings. A page dedicated to Mr Riley, a sage and sometimes controversial figure who is an honorary member of the EFRS.

While we aim to present the best picture we can this site is not about Photography or Ornithology as such but more about the days themselves. If you’re looking for top notch nature pics or uber rare breeds why not check out the LINKS section where there are lots of places to go for that sort of thing. Meanwhile you can stick around and pop back every now and then to see what we’ve been up to. Hopefully in a not too serious manner.