Sweet as a nut


What better way to spend the May Bank Holiday than snapping bugs in the woods. I sped my way to the far end of Shapwick, parked up and wandered down the Sweet Track. This is a part of Shapwick often neglected which is a real shame as it's a wonderland of delights. The EFRS are as guilty as any for not exploring enough. Anyway it was to be an afternoon of heads down and keep your eyes peeled. As I wandered I realised I had a great opportunity to discover stuff on trees something I hadn't really taken much notice of as I'm used to sticking my lens in bushes. And so it began.

This one was on an Oak it was intreaging

One mean woodlouse

Be careful when you look in a hole!

In the middle of all this wood there are dotted small clearings where you can sit and have a breather. I did and managed to avoid lots of frogs scattered in the leaves on the floor. There was evidence of work with tools left by volunteers. Took me back to times long gone with peat workers.

Yes I was scared as well!

From the wood you come out onto an amazing sight. The meadow. It's sublime in its juxtaposed flowing beauty against the tangled complex trees.

I've seen these before. Like a feather

After walking through the meadow you begin to see glimpses of water and you wander back from the deep depths into the reserve as we are used to but still there is a different charm here with the water lilies dotting the quiet water and a beautiful view of the Tor. The Decoy Hide has a magnificent view and is a perfect end to the walk. This is where I reverted to type and got out the long lense.

It was here that I could hear two cuckoos calling. One far off the other closer. On the opposite bank amongst the trees I saw what looked like a cuckoo dart into the trees. Was it one? It sort of looked like one but it was so far away I couldn't tell. There was only one man for the job......  Mike Tout (The Birdman)

And the verdict? Yes and no! Literally as I type Mike as replied with an undecided. Fancy a go? Perhaps YOU can make a guess? Leave your reply below.

The walk back is more straightforward along the waters edge back to the main track. The finale was a grey heron on a stick which stuck it out to the bitter end before flying off as I passed.

So what a cool day it was. A nice change from the long range stuff and a sweet way to spend a bank holiday. I did have a go at gathering some nuts, being May, but I didn't find any...... Funny that!