The foggy foggy dew

Finally I sorted myself out and headed down to Ham Wall at 7:30am. I've been meaning to do this for a while, spurred on by Lee Duttons clarion call to see the Starlings rising. I missed it. They were just heading off for the day. Oh well. To rub it in it was a complete pea souper. Couldn't see a thing. It got worse as I sat at VP2.

As Beautiful as it was with vignettes of trees and mist.......

For bird watching its not so good!

So I sat it out and just savoured the peace and calm of the day. The sun was trying its best to burn through. Then this magnificent beast appeared out the gloom.

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

I'm amazed at how well they came out with a bit of lightroom magic. Only the balances. No touching up is done at all in any of these or other pics. Just looking at the pics on the camera told me the light was good despite the mist. Things were looking up.

Canada Geese Demistified

Three Marsh Harriers (Quite romantic)

A Bittern was popping up now and again. A little restless until it found its spot

Mmmmm I was liking this light even more.............

Marsh Harrier

Monsters in the mist!

So the sun burnt through and all was clear for a the remainder of the day but it still had a magical light. I popped along to VP1 and the Tor Hide. The Tor Hide did produce a Bittern and a few Shovellers but little else.

Buzzard sitting oddly in a bush at VP1

Widgeon at the Tor Hide

Nicely textured young Mute Swan at Tor Hide

Shapwick produced little so it was off to Catcott lows. There I met an old EFRS friend who we hadn't seen for a while. Cliff. Nice to meet up again.

On the way I stopped and took this pic of a Buzzard. On closer inspection its beak looks very odd. It looks like it has lost the tip of its lower part.

Close up 

There was a surprise for me looking out over the rather sparsely inhabited waters. Four Bewick Swans had taken residence. Never seen these this way at all. Great find.

Bewick Swans and Great White Egret

Bewick Swan

On the way back I popped into the Avalon Visitors Centre to hear a very inspiring speech and mingle with the Somerset Birding and Wildlife Elite on the launch of the 'Somerset Birds 2013' book.

On the way back I again bumped into Cliff and spent the last few moments of the sun at VP2

Bit different to the morning

Love it!

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