Attack of the Clones

"Begun, the Clone Wars have"
 Today there was a small chance that I could set the camera to less than 800 ISO...

Today, there was... sun!
The Empire had also noticed however and had sent out one of its drones to scan the vicinity.  What a mean looking critter it was..

Darth Vader's drone
I carefully slipped out and outmaneuvered the drone.  Making the jump to light speed I arrived at Catcott. 
 Kestrel in a post apocalyptic war zone

 Wigeon not doing a lot
 High flying Snipe
 Wigeon doing a little bit

 Shovellers in front of the Tor
It was pleasant enough, but not a lot was happening.  No Peregrines to scare the ducks.  Not even a Marsh harrier.

I climbed back into the Millennium Falcon and warp jumped over to Greylake.
In the car park there was loads of little bird flitting about the place.

You get the idea...
I headed over to the hide. Scanning the skies for a Peregrine or maybe even a TIE fighter.  Sadly neither were willing.

However there were plenty of ducks, along with a swimming Snipe.

Got his Gold swimming badge.

This Teal looks upside down!

Again, it was quite quiet.  Luckily a Marsh harrier did provide some action.  But she didn't catch anything...

Then something weird happened.  Andrew walked into the hide!  I nearly got up to say hello.  The man in question looked slightly bemused at my overly friendly disposition.  I realised at the last moment that it was in fact a clone!

Cloned Andrew

I decided it was best to exit the hide, just in case the Clone had been sent by Darth Vader.  Begun the Clone Wars have...



  1. A great post, made me lol!

  2. Hi Pam

    Glad you liked it. Had a good read of your Flying High to. Great stuff. Agree about the dog signs and I've canoe'd passed symonds yet years ago

    (Andrew, the real one not the clone)