A Slippery Slope

So I didnt go to Glastonbury this year and I probably wont next year either.  Indeed the last time I went was in 1997 and what an interesting year it was.  Tony Blair became Priminister (dont worry there will be no more political talk, as I am sure you are here to read about something else right now).  Carlos the Jackal was caught and two very well known people sadly passed away.  You can search that one up if your not sure...

Anyway thats all well and good.  So why am I mentioning Glasto?  There is a reason (albeit rather tenuous).  Like most years it had  been raining a lot and the site was covered in sludge with cars being pulled about by tractors and people looking rather bedraggled.  Now, I went to Center Parcs.  I swapped the sounds of Ellie Goulding and Coldplay for the twittering of birds and the crunch of pine cones underfoot.

Upon arrival  it was clear we were in a good position for some wildlife action.  Within a few minutes I had found a Badger set about 20 meters from the lodge.  A great start.  But then something even better happened.  A samll deer was trotting along at the bottom of the slope, followed by an even smaller deer.  Both looked different to the default deer I normally see.  Not a Roe but a Muntjac and fawn!

Blowing raspberries...

There is a fawn to the left... Sadly in my enthusiasm to get closer I successfully went arse over tit and crashed down the slope.  Sending both deer scurrying into the undergrowth.  Leaving me with a brown stain on my bum and a bruised arm.

Despite the accident I was very lucky to see one (two) at all.  Plus the fawn was the cutest thing ever.

On the way back the heavens opened and a scrambled back to the lodge where I took some scenic pictures from the warm


  Bit like a rainforest, without the snakes.

After the rain comes the sun (for a bit).  I only took the shot because of the weird light blobs.

After throwing all manner of food stuffs outside the door I waited for a Badger... and waited and then... a cat came along and ate most of it...

The next day we headed to the lake, where there are a few Mallards along with a few gulls and sometimes a heron.  Nothing to get overly excited about.  But I couldn't resist this little chap.

 Some more cute

Night time soon drew in and it was time to throw out quiche, bread and a large chunk of ham onto the patio area - it was a right mess...

The cat came first, then a few Chaffinches, 6 Squirrels and then...

 Snout deep in quiche

Sadly the light was awful but luckily Andrew's manual lens he has loaned to me was more up to the task than the automatic stuff.

This Badger was a big un.  Within moments the quiche was gone.  Then he sniffed out the ham.  In a flash he wrapped his jaws around the hunk of meat and waddled off...

I was pleased as punch.  I will certainly be parcing up here again in the future.

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