Well, hasnt it been a few weeks of craziness and turmoil on our fair isle?

I'm not really one for politics.  But I feel really lucky to have the man pictured above as our Foreign Minister...

So far the benifits I have noticed from exiting Europe include:

  • Petrol going up
  • Pound going down
  • European countries not liking us as much
Right, thats the end of my in depth analysis.  I'm sure Boris will sort it all out... (ahem)

Luckily all this souring of relations doesnt affect our European feathered visitors.  Indeed over the last few weeks Ham Wall as played host to Ibises, Little Bitterns and a Collared Pratincole (I love that name).

So it was time to get in on the action.  I did take a quick evening trip the other day.  Sure enough the Little Bittern has woofing away, but could I see it? Not a chance.  I'm going to rename it to Little B******.

Saturday came around and the weather looked alright so I headed off in search of an exotic Euro bird.

Take 1:
I hopped out of the car.  Ham Wall was look resplendant in the (sort of) sunshine.  A Blackcap was flitting about near the carpark so I thought I would get a nice picture... Except the camera wouldnt turn on.  Somebody had left the battery in the charger at home...


The Pratincole had buggered off which was annoying.  I decided not to go to the Little B****** area as I knew it would annoy me.  First port of call was the Avalon hide.  What a great place it is.  You always see something good here and sure enough it didnt disappoint.

This Bittern flew close but I was slouching in my chair enjoying the vista. 
 Hence this blurry photo...
 After missing the Bittern i woke up a bit.  It was a good thing to as the Marsh harriers were everywhere!

Bit better than normal.

There were 5 Harriers flying about (a flock!).  They still remain one of my favourites.  A true classic!

The Harrier party was joined by a pair of Hobbies.  They both made a dent in the Dragonfly population!

They are bloody fast
I have never seen a Hobby land on the floor

But not for long

After all this excitement I decided it was time to take a stroll to the Little Bittern spot.  I knew I wouldnt see it but I felt I had to put a bit of effort in.
On my way a rather cute Wren was giving himself a thorough dust/gravel bath.

Bless it.

I arrived at the Little B****** view point.  Sure enough it wasnt there.  Some people had seen it about 3 hours ago.  I suspect its simply a cassette recording chucked in the reeds.

I hung around a bit.  Getting in the way of numerous dog walkers and cyclists.  Eventually I got bored and headed back.  

I thought I would take the scenic grassy route back to the carpark.  No doubt I would pick up a tick or two but I guess thats part of the fun.  Anyway it was the right decision.

Bit far away but who cares?  Its our European friend.  Hopefully we will get some more.

Well I thoroughly enjoyed seeing our home grown birds along with our European neighbours.  Its a shame the referendum didnt go the same way.  Oh well we have got Boris's comedy act to look forward to I suppose.

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