Love is in the air


Its an exciting time of year.  After what seems like an eternity of miserable, grey winter the first signs of spring have arrived. The bare and stricken branches are now adorned with the buds of life.  Bees are busily bumbling, their podgy, furry bodies caked in white pollen.  Chiff Chaffs, the early heralds of better things can be heard all around.  Of course they are not alone.  The bubbling of the goldfinch, the harsh rasp of the raven and the explosive call of the Cetti's all contribute towards Natures rich spring chorus.

The EFRS are always keen to get some spring action.  After some debate via text message we settled on RSPB Swell Wood.  The herons should be out in their full breeding regalia, adorned with jet black streamers and sunburst orange bills.

Travelling in style via Andrews Vauxhall I nearly fell asleep on the comfy neck/head rests (available via Amazon Andrew informs me). 

There was some uncertainty on the route to this little wood but we persevered and soon we had arrived.  It was a beautiful scene with rays of sun striking through the canopy.

I immediately started following little birds that were flitting about the place

I quite like this one

We then made our way to the new hide.  We got that Jurassic Park feeling as the nearby grunts and gurgles of the new heron parents carried in the light breeze.

Andrew - I have to say I love the new hide! I'm not a fan at the best of times but this one really works. It's well made, unobtrusive and with a wonderful wide open front. You can see everything infant. Your not looking through slits and trying to find a hole in a screen thats the right hight for you. Now I do understand that these are necessary evil normally but this one makes you feel your in an amphitheatre. It doesn't get any better. Well done RSPB

The path to the hide

Isn't it wonderful! Even down to the grass roof!

What a view!

We were tipped off by Robin Morrison about the reclining seats at the back and yep they are there

James made a friend

Watching the herons was fascinating.  Normally they are either staring at some water or flying away.  It was great to see the fighting and also (on occasion) cooperating.

As you can see we saw fair bit of heron based action.  The second leg of the tour was Greylake.  The sun was shinng so hopefully we could get some half decent pics.

James braking one of the EFRS rules!

Love was most definitely in the air.  Lapwings, Buntings, Goldfinches.  They were all at it.

Andrew: After the pints at the Becket in Glastonbury I went back out with an EFRS friend Adrian and had a few nice hours at Hamwall.

Really bad and very cropped Male Marsh harrier


Found this dead Mole on the path. Couldn't see any injury

This Great Crested Grebe was enjoying himself in the evening sun


Fantastic day and a pleasant evening. Bring on the rest of the summer.................

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