Typical isn't it


It's been bleedin' ages init! What wiv one fing an anuvver the EFRS have been rather lax this summer. The call had been given a few times but to no avail on either side until today. It was decided that we would make the annual trip to Westhey. This is the perfect spot for snapping Hobbies and Swifts. Up on the raised hide the air, in passed years, has been black with the wonderful creatures. Swifts screaming and Hobbies swooping. The insects stand little chance

As you can see from these initial pictures things didn't quite work out as planned.

Yes thats right not one solitary, singular, solo, on it's own swift, swallow, house martin, sand martin, red footed falcon, hobby. You name it it wasn't there.

So instead here are a few interesting 'other' stuff.

However as in true Jacque Cousteau fashion just as we were giving up and walking back up London Drove what did we see? A very happy couple. A Grey Heron sitting in the path. It wasn't until when editing the pictures did either I or James notice the Grey Squirrel sitting next to it. I wonder whet they were looking at? Certainly not any jewels of the sky!

Ironically of course when I got home the sky was full of the little buggers! Typical isn't it

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