Beep Beep!

Well another quiet day at Shapwick and Ham Wall. Most things worth looking at where quit a way away or very fleeting. There were a few Woodpeckers about which I tried to capture on each occasion but they were way too quick for me. Had a few interesting chats to fellow birders. On these occasions I just wait for the inevitable interesting thing to occur. Today it was something very unexpected. As I cycled along through Shapwick I happened to glance down and by the skin of his teeth (If he had any) I missed squashing a Common Toad. Screeching to a halt I whipped out my camera to try and catch a shot of these flighty beasts. Luckily I was on him in a flash. With only about 5 hours of daylight left I had to work fast. So being careful not to get any toad snot on my lense I set to work....................

Just a quick hop

"If you were a slug you would be in trouble"


Im no expert but I think its a Male.
I must give a word of thanks to the various passers by who expressed concern over my being prostrate on the gravel path.
Not quite up to James latest offerings but a first for the EFRS nonetheless!

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