This is a man's world


I moved house recently.  It’s a bothersome process.  Made all the worse by a very house proud wife (lovely as she is).  Now at the moment we are like a pair of goldfish (not stupid and forgetful) in that every Tom, Dick and Harry can see right into the house.  It feels like half the street is watching Britain’s Got Talent with us on a Saturday night and don’t get me started on the En Suite dash to the bedroom wrapped in an ill fitting towel…
So it has been decided that blinds are a must.  Now fitting them would be beyond my practical limits (washing up is just about as practical as I get).  Luckily my Father in law loves all that stuff.  So the morning was dedicated to him doing the proper manly stuff and me holding the hoover, sucking up dust and preparing cups of coffee.
Still they look nice now.  To celebrate I headed down to Westhay for yet more Hobby fun (just before you stop reading there is some other stuff as well…)
London Drove was packed with Blackcaps and Long Tailed tits.  I am yet to get a decent shot of a Blackcap and today was no different…
But I did get a Long Tailed tit.

Walking along the pathway to the raised hide it was clear that the insects were in charge.  They were everywhere! Damselflies, Dragonflies, Butterflies.

At the hide I met a thoroughly nice chap named Jerry Hawker.  He was wielding a beasty 600mm lens and made me feel quite unmanly.  Not for the first time…

Swifts were everywhere and there were also some of these…

The raised hide is rather exposed and despite the sunshine the wind was whipping through.  I wasn't really dressed appropriately but being more manly than expected I endured the cold.  Indeed many people commented on how I was coping.  Just made of sterner stuff I suppose

I was thinking about calling it a day when Rob Morrison appeared.  He was after some Hobbies as well.  He did get a shot of a Marsh Harrier which is a response to Andrew's Marsh Harrier in front of the tour.  Hopefully he will tweet it later…

Meanwhile I got these.

Leaving the serious photographers to it I walked along the track-way only to hear a voice proclaiming a Bittern.  Bloody hell.  I scampered back in time to see the plump brown bird flying low over the reeds.  Too late for a shot though.  Grrrr… (deep voice)

Here is a picture of some fluffy flowers to balance out all the macho posturing.

I cut my day short a bit as I currently don’t have any Internet and have to save to USB and ferry it to Andrew.  Hassle but this blogging business is serious stuff!

So that was the day.  Now I’m going to replace the car tires, build a shed and look at birds (I can do one of those).


  1. Great stuff as always!
    Love the humour in your posts!
    I've met you both, I know how macho you both are! Scarily so.... ;)

  2. Out side now :¬I
    *Rolls up sleeves and kisses fists* ;¬P