You'll never walk alone


It's old school time again. You may know my liking for classic manual M42 thread lenses. Well I was using them for both the short and long range stuff today. I brushed off the Photosniper with its amazing 300mm TAIR 3 F4.5 lens. Wonderful seventies Soviet industrial hardware at its best. That will do for the big stuff far away. As for the small stuff near by, well it had to be the best buy I've made, the Takumar 50mm F4 Super-Macro. If you see one buy it.

The day started out at London Drove

For a change I didn't go into West Hay itself but walked up and down popping into the hides. The biggest supprise was right at the start when a Male Marsh Harrier flew right along the road and back into the reeds. Would be quite a sight if you were driving along! The drove was totally quiet. Not a sole. I loved it. I was able to walk alone for hours.

London Drove in full bloom

One of those blooms

The Sniper was packed in my backpack as I walked along. It was macro time. Despite the wind I was determined to get something good.

NOTE: I haven't a clue about insects so you will forgive me if I don't label them. However we always like a bit of audience participation so feel free to chip in.

This is a pic from when a large Bumble Bee flew into the lens and cracked it

This was the best way to show these flowers. The yellow was so bright it washed them out!

There was a bit of a fight over this particular flower

Hidden beauty

I stayed quite a while in the nettle patches getting those insects. There was little else around the reserve save for the Swifts and a few high Hobbys. I did take quit a few pics but they were so distant and much to my shame out of focus I wont bother putting them up. I'm sure you've all seen a Hobby. If not look back at the last two posts. You'll be hobby'ed out in no time.

That Male Marsh harrier flew by again and I managed to get him this time.

That was enough of that so off to Grey lake it was to catch up with some friends. Oh I nearly forgot. I met Cookie who showed me a pic of a real Lesser Spotted Flycatcher. James take note!

Again Grey Lake was a bit quiet. The only interest being the young Lapwings and Redshank. Others such as Carl Bovis and Robin Morrison have pics of those so I wont try and compete!! For once I didn't meet Robin. Instead I did meet Carl and Mike. That wind was bloody cold especially out the sun!

The walk up through the reeds

Female Marsh Harrier very close by

The joys of manual focus.

View from the hide entrance.

I had a pop at the Swifts directly over head. Remember this is all manual focus with no image stabalisation. Pure Soviet tech from the sixties.

Another benefit of old lenses, that aberration

I was there so long I was snapping them by moonlight. (Not really)

 Final trip was to Tealham Moor. I had no idea what I wanted to snap. and I was too depressed by the horrid invasive Rape plants along the verge. So I listened to One of our greats take his final bow. Stevie G thank you. We'll miss him but he'll be back wearing a suit believe me (No scouser / court jokes please!)

Nice but shame about the Rape with all that lovely Bargeman's Cabbage
(Thanks to Phil Brewin for the clarification)

And so to home. It was a good day. Met some good friends, took some nice pics, listened to my team (No1)  Leicester complete the great escape and my childhood team (No2) Liverpool send of a hero. Only let down was the rest of the Liverpool team!!

You'll never walk alone Stevie.

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