Well, it has been a little while.  I'll be honest with the readers.  I have been struggling with myself a bit (all creative geniuses do...).  Actually I have been a lot.  And still am.  But humour still ensues no matter the predicament.

Anyway enough of that.  I decided to get out for a bit and headed to Tealham to do some "Storking".

I got down there and noted lots of birders hanging about.  Sadly no Stork - last seen flying up the river to Slimbridge...

A booby prize came in the form of a Cattle Egret though.

Swan doing its best Ostrich impression...

Yes I know, its miles away.

I sat and watched from the car for a bit, hoping he might decide to come a little closer.  But to no avail.
However this Swan did pose nicely and I couldn't resist

Very smart - if not overly challenging to capture...

High in the sky I could hear the sweet tones of a Skylark amongst the clouds.  Amazingly I did manage to locate it high, high up.

Its a Skylark, trust me
I took a quick look over at Westhay for the White Fronted goose.  I have no idea what it looks like to be honest but the name I assume is a giveaway.  I might have seen it but then again it was probably just a Greylag goose.  I don't know really.
There were plenty of Little Egrets about the place and this one flew reasonably close for a photo opportunity.
If this had a yellow bill everyone would say how good it was...

I drove back slowly, a few Swallows were flitting about and a Kestrel hovered at the roadside.  The warmth of the air was welcome indeed.  Spring was edging its way in.   Surely thats all the therapy anyone could ever need...

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