Meet the new boss


It's with a heavy heart that I have to inform you dear listener that yours and my favourite lens has had to be retired.  Yes the Yashica  100DX Medical best known to you and me as 'The Gyno' (snigger) lens has been resigned to the display cabinet in the west wing library of casa EFRS. It wasn't good for the nerves I tells yah. All that hi voltage flying round was getting to me and despite my brothers pat test I couldn't risk it. We had such good times sticking it in bushs and snapping what ever riggles. May she rest in peace. So what to do now? There was nothing for it but to go out and treat myself to a shiny new Canon 100mm f2.8 IS USM L and yongnuo ring flash. I had high expectations I can tell you.

Sunday was my chance to properly take the new girl for a test drive. Just as well since apart from distant Marsh harriers and a few calling distant cuckoos crows and great white egrets were your lot.  OK there were four hobbys giving fantastic displays and lots of swifts but they were all distant and anyway they're sooo last week!

So it was a heads down sort of day with plenty of builders cleavage if you happened to wander bye! I started off in hamwall but soon ended up in my favourite spot for both insects and peace, Catcott  Heath. In that little glade you get a strange feeling.  I always feel it. Wonderful place.


I have a bit of an issue with our friends at Canon you see I set up the ring flash,  a nice tube one not your cheapo LED ones,  and went to put the speed at 1/320 as I did with my gyno and was a little perturbed to find I couldn't.  Hmm I thought,  I'm stuck at 1/180 that can't be right. It transpires those lovely people have decided that you can't sync at faster than 1/180 with a third party flash. Now if I had bought the real Canon flash I could have done any speed I liked. Thanks Canon!  However if you blank off the four contacts on the shoe leaving just the trigger contact and earth your back to gyno days where the camera doesn't know the flash is there. Keep it simple that's what I say.

This one is a reflection using the 50mm f1.4

And a great white egret to finish things off

So do I like it? Hmm well it's optically better but it just seems,  dare I say it,  a little boring? Doesn't have quit the fun factor as the gyno. It's no easier to use but the light does seem good and it's sharp as a tack. So meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


  1. Fabulous macros! Sorry to say it, but that new lens knocks the Gyno into last week! :)

  2. Thanks Carl it is a cracker of a lens. Just doesn't have that mojo the gyno had. I'm sure I'll learn to love it. Auto focus is quit handy to get you into the ball park then you take over in manual plus the image stabilisation works well. Yeah OK it's better than the gyno!

    1. I've just bought the Sigma 105mm OS macro, it arrives tomorrow! Thought I'd give bug pics a go! No flash though, so will need good light, thinking more 'meadows' instead of 'woods' :)

  3. It's a wonderful weired world down there you'll love it. Like I said rock back and forth to focus. You have to use the force and go with your eyes. When that bug comes into focus snap it. Auto will just restrict and frustrate you. Welcome to REAL photography ;¬)

    Oh and remember to breath!!