The Wrong Trousers


I finished work a bit earlier than normal today.  I was on a mission.
As I crossed the car park I noticed a sleek, graceful shape gliding above.  A Peregrine!
She was a rather large specimen and flew in quite low which was rather nice.  She then slowly climbed and was lost to sight.  A great start to the evening!

SAFETY WARNING: Please don’t try this at home.  Staring at the sky whilst crossing busy car parks is extremely dangerous.

Feeling good I jumped into the car.  My plan was to go straight to Westhay however there was a problem.  I quickly checked my bag and realized that I hadn’t packed any trousers (I had some on of course, but black work trousers don’t really work in boggy, wet areas).  I did have a t shirt but it would all look a but odd (I know it’s a bit vain).

So I quickly scooted home and grabbed the extra bits (and scoffed some chocolate).

Avoiding the bulldozers, cranes (metal ones) and other heavy vehicles around the house I drove out to Westhay.  My target? A Hobby!

I have been down a few times without luck.  But today felt good…

At the viewing hide I spoke to a very pleasant fellow.  Hi if you are reading.  Together we scanned the skies.

Swallows and House Martins nipped by and then the familiar silohette appeared.  To far away for any pictures but I was pleased to see one.  A Hobby is brilliant to watch.  Amazing speed and dexterity in the air.  Gently plucking insects out of the sky.

Soon there were 4 of them flitting about.  The light was a bit rubbish.  But here are a few.  Not great but it’s a start…

You will have to excuse the bit of dust on the lens (it happens to everyone so I’m told).

 He caught something...

 Dont crash!

I really enjoyed myself despite the slightly mediocre results.  I be back soon wrong trousers or not.  Hopefully with Gromit Andrew.

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