To Hull and back

I had a business trip up to Hull so I took the opportunity to pop into a local nature reserve. By chance I came across the Paull Holme Strays just past Hull. A few hours spent there was only a little rewarding. A very peaceful place indeed with only the cry of the Whimbrel, so synonymous with estuaries, and the thud and drone of the harbour on the opposite bank. There is something haunting about industrial areas within estuaries and wetlands. They have a beauty that offsets the different beauty of the natural environment

A bit of Industrial offset

My first spot was a Whimbrel wandering across the newly sown field on the land side. Only when it walked did I spot it

Good isn't it

So on I trudged to the hide and stood looking across the Humber Estuary in total bliss and only passing a couple of dog walkers and an elderly jogger. Bending down to open my backpack I was startled by the huffing and slobbering of a rather large but friendly Labrador. I turned and gave the owner 'The evils' and was then greeted by another slobbering labrador. Another shot of 'Evils' to the owner who informed me that 'Sorry mate you have to accept there are dogs around here. Now I'm not a dog lover but neither am I a dog hater. What I do hate is owners who don't train their dogs and think its funny or acceptable for their dogs to go running around sniffing into other peoples backs etc. Then declare the dog 'dont worry its only being friendly' With a stream of conversations with the dog about 'come here, don't go there' etc etc. Well train them then you wont have to constantly talk to them. I think they actually enjoy the hassle of having to call them constantly. Which is exactly what the owner did. She then proceeded to bellow at the top of her voice to the dogs to 'come here, we're not going down there'. Well Im sure you've been there.

Anyway, I set up and had a good look around. Avocets feeding, shelducks feeding and far off into the distance Plovers feeding. Oh and a pair of Oyster Catchers feeding.


A bit more Industrial Offset

Oyster Catchers

Golden Plover (I told you they where a long way away)

My final sighting which I could get a shot off was on the way back. I finally saw for the first time in my life a Hare. I know, never before. One ran across the Whimbrel field. Oh and there was what now seems to be the obligatory Little Egret!

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