Damsel (Not in distress)

I got out of work early and scampered down to Ham Wall.  Equipped with a fully charged new camera I was ready to take some pro (ahem!) pictures.  Except there wasn't a lot about.  July is a time when most of the bird life takes a bit of a break.  Hiding out quietly in trees or chilling in the reeds.

So I decided to focus (sorry!) on the bugs.  There were loads.  Including a pleasing number of butterflies.

                                                         and a friendly Soldier beetle...

After getting to grips with the manual focus (a most welcome inclusion on the Fuji XS 1 and a big improvement over my last bridge camera) I decided to head to Walton Heath and sat in the hide amongst the reeds.

A tern put in a brief appearance but I was unable to replicate Andrews excellent photo (see last entry).  Partly down to the variable light, a slowish auto focus and dare i say it a slight lack of reaction time.

Nevertheless a young Grebe posed quite nicely.

Time was ticking so i headed back only to be distracted by a Damselfly.  They are rather dainty and look magnificent sat in the reeds.  As I photographed it, he casually rose from his perch, plucked a nearby aphid, shoved it in his mandibles and settled down to eat his prize.  Fantastic!

Scoffing an aphid.

All in all a good macro session.  Now I need to get some more birds!

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