Something to Chew on

Thunder and lightening rattled through the dreary Somerset sky.  Not an ideal start to a birding day!
Nevertheless I thought that a trip to Chew Valley Lake was in order after hearing about some Black terns that were seen there the other day.

I stepped out of the car and the sun started to shine.  Horaay!

Unfortunately Herriot's pool didn’t seem to have anything unusual on it.  There was lots of “wild” fowl.  I use the term loosely as Canada geese, swans and in - bred Mallards can be found at pretty much any town centre pond you care to mention.

I took the opportunity to take some pictures of Black headed gulls as they are rather nice despite being possibly the most common bird on the planet ;-)


I chucked them my sandwiches which gave them something to chew on and allowed me to get some closer pics (cheating I know!)

I spoke to a nice chap who mentioned Moreton hide and where it was (he could see my slight look of uncertainty and knew I was a bit of a novice round these parts).

Anyway I found myself wandering along a deserted trackway.  After a while a came to a dead end.  Giving up, I wandered back, realising that I had completely missed the hide and what an old skool hide it is! 

Slitty windows and the smell of slightly rotten wood.  You cant beat it!

I didn’t see any terms but a masterful Kingfisher caught two fish but was a bit far away for a photo.

 If you get a magnifying glass you will see him...

On the way back I enjoyed the slightly more country fide side of Chew valley.  No concrete or people.  As I was taking pictures this fellow ran out for just a moment.  A Hare i think...

 Just some extra pictures...

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