Neither fish nor fowl


Saturday, while being an Ok sort of day with not the thunder storms promised, was possibly the worst type for photography. Just bland grey overcast. That's why I wandered out in the car very late and with little hope. Really just to have a bit of fresh air. Grey Lake hadn't been on the radar for a while so I popped down there. A tranquil wander around the far side among the reeds and twittering of Warbles or should that be warbles of twitters? All was well even if it was a bit dull.

Then my blood ran cold. I was wandering along the narrow track back to the main path but there was a specter before me. Then my blood turned to ice. His pride and joy of signets and mate were swimming in the ditch by my side. He was in no mood for compromise. I moved towards him, his feathers raised and we squared up.

I'd like to think this is how it played out but such is real life............

You want some do you????

I walked passed him and he didn't actually do much. I placed my Sniper between him and me and as we were side by side he flapped his wings and gave my Sniper one all mighty smack. I must admit it was a bit of a fright!

Still in shock I steadied myself, had a look around to see if anyone had seen my humiliation and wandered on to the new raised platform / hide. After the red mist had finally cleared and the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder had faided I settled down to the task in hand. The window was opened, the Sniper raised to my eyes and focus ring slowly turned to bag me all those lovely . . . .  Oh! erm there wasn't actually any birds. Well I lie, there were a few Lapwings and one very very distant Marsh Harrier. Other than that absolutely nothing. Oh ok there were a few red Shank to but you get the idea. I had to make do with this little chap to entertain me with a bit of hide and seek.

Sedge Warbler

Looking right at me

Then there was one of those heart stopping moments you get every now and then. Right in front of me just the other side of the fence a full adult, I'm assuming male, Hare wandered casually past and strolled around and away into the field.

Minutes later a chap came in and asked if I had seen the Grass Snake just opposite the Old Hide entrance. I walked down and got him sitting on a pile of straw.

Grass Snake

I wandered back into the raised hide and who should come strolling back without a care in the world.

And it all went quiet again. Nothing in the way of birds but a mammal saved the day. On the return trip what should I see along the track.

I gave them little hope and didn't want to stay for the horror.

Paths seemed to preferred choice for a nursery at Grey lake!

As a bit of a gamble I went over to Tealham Moor. It was quiet but in a good way. I had little expectation and just enjoyed the peace. Just a couple of moist Kestrels on poles

A rather wet Kestrel

And on to Sunday. Cycling this time and just a quick pop out as the clouds gathered after a very bright start. I tried for the Swallows at Aqueduct Bridge

Roe Deer in the Meadows. There was a fawn but too small for the grass


Again there were umpteen Bittern fights and Marsh Harrier passes but all either too quick or too far away to capture. Its well worth popping down now to see Bitterns. It's practically guaranteed.

This Marsh Harrier had prey

Pair of Great White Egrets

Juvenile Black Headed Gulls are really beautifully marked

It didn't stay long on that precarious perch

One of the real high lights was a sighting of either one Kite twice or two individuals. I'm going for the former. It was very high and on a mission passing over Shapwick and Ham Wall going East.

Cycling back I spotted this Fox probably with a kill being pestered by Magpies. The Magpies won!!

And my latest big, little thing macro? Well i started off with the new medical lens but unfortunately the batteries in the remote flash triggers gave up after about six shots. Last time a borrow anything off of Les Snow!!

So another weekends' birding or should it be Mammaling? Is that a word? The birds were thin on the ground and air but the mammals made up for it. I've seen an under water camera going cheap on Ebay but I wont carp on about it for now!

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